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We Proudly serve all of PA, & DE!


1. LIABILITY... if someone get hurt, YOU are responsible!
2.  HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE... May Lower premiums!
3.  COST TO REPAIR POOL... Demo is cheaper than repair!
4.  MOSQUITOES... West Niles Virus can kill you!
5.  SELLING?...  home should sell faster with a beautiful yard!
6.  SMELL!  Get rid of the STINK of stagnent water, frogs!
7.  USEABLE SPACE... for family outings, pets, children & FUN !!!
8.  ELECTRICITY COST! Run your air conditioner, not your pool filter!
9.  SNAKES love old pools... under the apron, around the top, get rid of the pool, the snakes go too!
10. COST OF CHLORINE... wow... the chemicals are so expensive...
and the list goes on... and on... and on....  CALL TODAY !


Our KOBELCO EXCAVATOR jackhammering the bottom of the pool.  This is the beginning of many hours of jackhammering the pool.Jon JACKHAMMERING the top apron of poolTekeuchi trackhoe and backhoe in a tight yard before demolition begins.Jon on the excavator, we use cut off saw to remove rebar protruding from concrete.Concrete pool being demolished, trackhoe with hammer, bachoe to backfill and grade.After Another liner type pool prior to demo. Notice the stagnant water, a mosquito breeding ground! West nile virus can KILL YOU!After demo & grading, grass seed planted, straw placed to keep moisture in, birds out. 2 weeks until grass!Many hours spent jackhammering the concrete! Long HOT days!The start of a very difficult pool, with thick walls, high PSI concrete, and LOTS of REBAR!The ENTIRE floor MUST be broken up. This is one of the MANY regulations regarding pool demolition in Pennsylvania!POOL DEMO "BEFORE" Big Marc on the JCB Backhoe!After pool Demo, grass seed and straw applied.Philadelphia Estate pool demo.Our big L48 backhoe! When our L35 is too small, and the big JCB is too big, thats when the L48 comes in... we have the right size equipment for EVERY JOB!!!!!Pool Demolitions take LOTS of DIRT!  Many truck loads... many many many!!!!Willow Grove, PA POOL DEMOLITION and POOL REMOVAL! AWESOME CUSTOMER! Thanks Joe & Janet!Marc in his new customized hardhat!  Sfety FIRST!Another POOL DEMOLITION, we proudly serve ALL of PA!!!!Our KOBELCO 50sx EXCAVATOR onsite of a massive pool demolition, along with a huge jaccuzzi and patio, now the customers has a HUGE, SAFE yard for their family to enjoy!!!Hand raking of site after the pool demolition is completed. We compact, hand rake and plant grass, then place straw, when grass is 3 to 4 inches tall, the customer simply mows the straw and grass, its that EZ!Loading dirt into our GMC dump truck to backfill a demolished pool. We use nice cleanfill dirt.

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As seen on A&E's television show... The DRILL TEAM
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